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Photography Gallery

Work is available for both viewing and purchase.


I am constantly awed by the color, spirit and unpredictability of animals in their own world. To capture their natural beauty without alteration is a challenge.


The delicacy of flowers and plants distracts me wherever I am in the world. Light and wind are  two variables in the composition of flower photography. Although it appears static, a flower's beauty changes by the second.


My favorite subjects are small children, the elderly, and the romantic. Photographing people in action is the most spontaneous form of photography. You never know what you might get. Often, the message a person exudes is much more metaphorical than I knew when I snapped the picture. I am attracted. I snap it. I am amazed.

Urban and Rural Landscapes

Behind the lens of my camera, I explore the mystery of beauty, striving to penetrate its surface appeal and capture its essence through the power of light, color, texture, and composition.

The study of one’s own landscape, whether it’s the tiniest bud on a rose bush iced over in winter, a red-ringed sunset on a hot summer night, or a single tree in the middle of a Kenyan jungle before the dark curtain of night drops, landscape sends peace and satisfaction to the soul.


Sight is a gift. Through our eyes, we select and interpret personal meaning from our surroundings in order to bring the visual experience deep inside our soul. That’s what the art of photography is all about.



​​My father was a Studebaker, Edsel, Avanti and Superba dealer as well as an antique car collector. As a result, I grew up fascinated with the brass, chrome, and fine features of well-designed cars. I like the dazzle, color, and gloss of well-maintained MGs, but I also like the subtlety of rusty, old fire engines in a junkyard. Details such as hood ornaments, side mirrors, and door handles rate often artful and elegant.

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